First Premise.

There is a huge amount of traditional knowledge of Earth and the cosmos lost in the processes of Christian settler colonialism, in Europe, Africa, the Americas, and South Asia. Western science and the various disciplines of academia have served Christian settler colonialism and heteronormative white supremacy and are based in an overly mechanistic cosmology inadequate to the task of recognizing and describing connections and networks that make this a living planet where “separation is the lie.”

Premise 2.

In the early 21st Century, apocalypse is imminent.

This apocalypse is environmental and the result of two millenniums of Christian imperialism and resulting white supremacy, and capitalism.

Premise 3.

Through the process of apocalypse, the planet is saving itself from the affliction that is humanity. Using fire, flood, plague and other methods recognized by humanity as the results of climate change, the planet is eradicating a pestilence.

The operating intelligence that is the planet is called the Great Mycelium.

Premise 4.

A group of humans who met through a 12 Step Program, Survivors of the Isms Anonymous are collaborating with the planet by reengaging with traditional knowledges lost in the processes of Christian settler colonialism, white supremacy, and capitalism.


The goal is to leave the planet with a massive biosphere / “ark” / multiversity system that preserves the ecologies of earth, while helping to continue a beneficial process of evolution and engaging in utopian experiments to reform human societies.

The plan is to return after a millennium away in order to restore Earth after the apocalypse has reset the planet.

A World Building Project