Build With Me

This is your prompt. These are suggestions for how you can go about worldbuilding with me:

Choose where – an ecosystem you would call home. As you will learn, this ecosystem has been collected in one of the ships of the multiversity.

Choose when – a historical time set in that ecosystem. This can be historical or mythical or a combination.

Choose who – where and when may give you names, identities, histories, myths, legends for the characters you would work with in your world. The premise gives you one of the characters – the mycelium, which has access to Wikimedia and all digitally stored information.[1] In addition, you probably will know members or be a member of the 12-Step program SIA.

The bad guys. The preface acknowledges another side. According to the ideals of SIA, anyone participating in harm is probably a person for whom structural inequality is “still working.” They have yet to face complete and total demoralization, to surrender, to inventory their survivalism and the harms it causes to them and others, to make amends, and to come to be of service to the world.

But they are always welcome in the rooms of SIA.

The unaddressed trauma and resulting shame of the old world maintains the other side, often thought of as “the Dark” in sci fi and fantasy. All characters can go here, into old ways and are vulnerable—like Luke Skywalker. Theoretically, this is structural and that is why making change through this kind of utopian worldbuilding is so challenging.

Who and what inspires you as you construct a project for making the world you want to live in? What things have you read, seen, heard, and experienced that inform your vision for creating a just society or a world that is livable for all Earthlings and in alliance with the planet. Imagine how you might put these ideas and concepts into envisioning and into action through your characters.

What is your project?

Are you on one of the ships in the multiversity that stays for the entire millennium in order to prepare to return through the gate and repopulate and replant earth?

Are you one of the ships in the multiversity that rebels (as in my story) and notices that you have passed through the gate and entered the solar system where you can return to Earth whenever you want?

Are you part of a community that ideologically and emotionally cannot leave Earth and so you go through the apocalypse and are a part of rebuilding from the beginning?

Are you a part of another project for worldbuilding that begins in this historical present?

Are you a part of another project started in the past? Or the future?

Are you a one of the “bad guys” or entering your story as part of the other side?

The possibilities are many.

What will happen in your worldbuilding project?

Send me a short blog entry that introduces us to your vision at I would love to share this here when possible.

[1] It is a good idea to link to these sources when it may be helpful. For example my first-person character reads and offers links to articles that shape the story. But no need to be academic in this.

A World Building Project